Give me the skinny on Human


Jan 10, 2009
My fellow friends of Dorothy:

How is the club Human? Is it worth the long and expensive taxi ride to get there? I went to the club way back in 2006 when it was Mint and I wasn't impressed. Although, Mint wasn't a queer club and it was fully of chetos.

If anyone has been, I would love to know the cover and what kind of crows is there. I'm seeking to avoid a crowd full of jail bait. Thanks!
Well, I'm a girl;) but have been there with some friends on Saturdays and it's a fun time. Tons of people, was a pretty mixed crowd age-wise, VIP is better than the main floor. Lots of electronica music and there is a dark room if you're so inclined.

Make sure you call a taxi before you leave otherwise it's impossible to find one.

If you go on Saturdays, you can say you're on Gustavo's guest list. If you go before 2 a.m. and say you're on his list, there isn't a cover.
Not bad. The taxi isn´t bad if you share with someone. For me a good night is dependent with the friends I go out with.
I love Human. :D

I love the music, the atmosphere, the drinks, etc. Just tell the taxi that you want to go to Punta Carrasco; it's along Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado. But "Punta Carrasco" should do.

If citygirl's RRPP doesn't work for you, you can add Alejandro Bacigalupo on Facebook to get yourself on his list.

You have all types of people there. But it's nothing like Fiesta La Ambar/La Plop, if you been to those (All pretty young and more than willing to pickpocket you!). I would say it's more or less like Amerika.

Drinks are a bit pricey, I guess. Water is $10 pesos, if I remember correctly. A tequila sunrise is $25 or $30 pesos. A shot of national tequila is $15. (Now that you all know what I drink, I expect you all to buy me a few! ha!) These prices could have changed; I've been out of Argentina since December.

A taxi ride shouldn't be more than 30 pesos one way. Citygirl is right about the taxis. If you leave in between 5-7 a.m., you probably will not find a single taxi right at the entrance.

I always walked to Avenida Libertador and got a taxi from there. The distance is not far, but the area you have to walk through is kinda-sorta shady. I never had any problems, though, and I went to Human a lot.
This Saturday they're having a foam party ("Fiesta de la espuma"). If you get there before 2:30 AM and say you were invited by "Pipi," you'll get in for free.