Good & bags...


Feb 11, 2008
Just wanted to pass along a story and 2 thumbs up for an honest company and businessman in BA!

We ordered a lot of boxes recently and there was a confusion on the price once they were delivered. We took the boxes, bubblewrap, etc., but not happy with how it turned out.

Well later that day I got an email from the owner stating he would look into the issue on I get an email and they had made a mistake and he is coming by this evening with the difference he owes us.

We are so easy to jump and point fingers at the bad situations around us.....Just love to share the good outcome on this one!!!

Okay so here is the business:

Box & Bags
Ivan Maranz / owner
[email protected]
Why should argentines be necessarily dishonest. It sounds again very culturally discriminating.:eek:

I bought two items on Mercado Libre, both argentines came to deliver the items to my place, the description of items was honest and sincere and the transaction satisfactory. They even took time to explain me in details how those items were working and asked me to call them if i had any problem.

So we have : bad drivers, dishonest unless proven the contrary, insignificant lovers...what else?