Good Real Estate Agent?


Jan 10, 2009
Can anyone recommend a good agent to show some high end rentals and apartments for sale to a friend who will be in BA the last week in March? Do I need a seperate agent for buying vs. renting?
I have some excellent high end apartments that I can offer your friend . These are priced right per square metre for the local market.
I work for Remax Argentina who have the biggest selection of properties for sale in Buenos Aires.

You can contact me on [email protected]
I have used adelsur twice. they are great, have a wide selection of listings, and charge no commission to the renter
In BsAs most properties on the market are on an intranet , where agencies publish its own and brokers use to find what the client is looking for.Surely each agency offers their own properties first, but sometimes this is not enough. It will depend on the broker's skill to understand what the person really wants .
I can offer you my honest, personal services and give you some names of people that have used my services, for example expats from the US Embassy .
And yes, you can use the same broker for renting and for buying.

How long is your friend staying for? I own a beautiful, French luxury apartment in Suipcaha and Arroyo which I rent out to tourists through an agent. If you are interested, please let me know and I can arrange for a viewing. I can rent it to your friend for a good price since I am the owner and you wouldn't be paying any commission charges. Let me know if you are interested. I'm currently abroad at present and do rent out my apartment to tourists for short let periods when I'm not in BA.

Many thanks
I can heartily recomend Pericles. Without him I doubt I would now have a place in Buenos Aires. Feel free to contact me if you want more information.
jb5 said:
Can anyone recommend a good agent to show some high end rentals and apartments for sale to a friend who will be in BA the last week in March? Do I need a seperate agent for buying vs. renting?

Hi jb5, We rented through Reynold's a few times ( and got excellent service. We were happy with them, so we ended up using them as our buying agent, and also now rent our place through them while we're gone (winters). If you'd like more info PM me.
In the past three years I have talked with dozens of Argentine real estate "professionals" in their itty-bitty oficinas. Last November 1st I listed my apartment with the same office that I bought from in October 2006. They never presented a single offer. Ten days ago, PERICLES (who simply posted my apartment on the internal Remax website) gave me a call and informed me that a Remax agent from another office had a client who might be interested in my apartment.

The deal (boleto) was done today. I know Pericles had a lot more to do with closing the sale than the other agent. He knows what he's doing and he did it well. I told Pericles I wanted two months to find another apartment and move. The buyer wanted to close within 30 days. The papers I signed today give me well as the exact price I had been willing to accept since last November (about 2.5% less than the listed price and 10% more than the owner of the itty-bitty office next door told me they could get for my apartment...while charging me twice as much commission).

What did I have to give? The three air conditioners I had planned on leaving all along.

Thanks, Pericles.

PS: The power of REMAX (and it's network of agents) should not be underestimated.
I have known Pericles for 4 years now and even though I haven't purchased anything here yet, he is by far the most knowledgeable real estate agent I have talked to. I called him out of the blue a few years ago and he came and spent 2 hours with me explaining the process thoroughly.
Besides business, he is a very nice person.