Good Whiskey in Buenos Aires - Affordable?


May 8, 2009
Hello. I am relatively new here. I've yet to make it down the city we all are gathered here to discuss, but will be within a fortnight, and suddenly I was hit with what is, for me, quite a concern. That is, namely, I love a good whiskey (Irish is preferred, but a Bourbon will suffice). A good glass at the end of a long day is something of a ritual for me. As I will be in Buenos Aires for at least a year, I was wondering if anyone could speak to the price of spirits there in general, and whiskeys in particular.

I imagine there is quite a markup, but is it too much too hope that perhaps the European whiskeys cost in somewhere in the realm of what they do in the States? (I am from the US, and so am used to paying taxes on imported spirits). Or should I stock up at those damned duty-free stores (where nothing ever seems any cheaper than it does in the US at your average liquor store)?

Would much appreciate your comments.

Also, forgive me if this is the wrong forum, but it seemed as this is not an actual discussion of food, but more about Argentine life in general this was the proper place to post.
Well, as an Irishman, I like my Jamesons - And lo and behold you can but it in BA for less than you can in Dublin! I buy mine at the Wal Mart in Alto Avellaneda, but I am sure you can get it in most places - it seems a regular brand around here.

You should try the local Home Brew Whiskey - Puts hairs on your chest! But boy, is it cheap!

No idea how prices compare to US liquor stores, but you should be pleasantly surprised....
Spirits here can actually be cheaper than in their countries of origin. That´s because of the high taxation in developed countries on drugs and vices in general. (just look at cigarrettes).
I once found Cherry Herring for 7 dollars a bottle! Of course I bought the entire stock.

But in general they have wised up to real prices, so you still need to look around. The duty free shops are truly "tax free" so you should get a better deal. I wouldn´t miss the chance while travelling to grab a "hard to find" bottle (in the local market).
Oh this is most excellent news! Jameson is indeed my drink of choice as well. If it is cheaper in BA than in Ireland I think I'll be in good shape. Thank you for the information.
I bought my Liter bottle of Jameson on my trip back from Uruguay. I think that it was about US$17. (But I'm not positive.)
Two things, if you knmow some locals watch fo the seemingly infinite discounts offered by the big supermarkets, which often (though not always) apply to spirits - although would almost never carry a single malt say, you should be able to get Jack Daniels, J&B and maybe a few other obvious brands. A Coto in Vicente Lopex had an unannounced offer yesterday that added up to 50% (yes FIFTY) off spirtis, if you used a particular credit card. I think the store offered 20% for everyone and a further 30% for the right card. These deals are often 30%.
Also, Teachers, which happens to be my favourite of the blended whiskeys, is very cheap and can often be found for below A$R30.

Single Malts are almost impossible to find and tend to be expensive, but they are everywhere these days.

Good and happy drinking!!
Try to bring in some Canadian whiskey if you can, it is not sold here, and goes for about triple the US price here on their version of Ebay! You can make some money...
the only whiskey is Scottish whiskey!!

Kirst (100% of scottish origin & proud of it!)
Kirst said:
the only whiskey is Scottish whiskey!!

Kirst (100% of scottish origin & proud of it!)

Ummm Kirst - "Scottish Whiskey" is an oxymoron, as the drink from Scotland is WHISKY -

WHISKEY (with an E) is how we spell it in Ireland - And drink it :)

Go Jamesons !!!

Liam (100% Irish - and sozzled!)