Government says it will change name of Centro Cultural Kirchner

in the periodical El Nacional, dated November 25, 1857, Sarmiento wrote: “Will we be able to exterminate the Indians? For the savages of America, I feel an invincible repugnance that I cannot cure. Those scoundrels are not anything more than disgusting Indians that I would hang if they reappeared. Lautaro and Caupolicán are dirty Indians, because that's how they are all. Incapable of progress, their extermination is providential and useful, sublime and great. They must be exterminated without even sparing the little one, who already has the instinctive hatred for the civilized man.”
What a hair-rising statement! Never knew Sarmiento could be so blood thirsty.
I vote for naming it after Antonio Gonzaga, the Afro Argentine chef who invented the Asado as we know it. Previously, of course, everyone on earth had cooked meat over fire, but the particular combination of cuts, cooked in restaurants or at home, was devised and popularized by Gonzaga.
What could be more universal to Argentines than honoring the parilla?