Has anyone bought a GPS here? If so, what brand's the best one to buy for here? Where to buy? How much should I expect to pay? This is a last-minute gift so no option to wait until I go back to North America...


Hi there,

I have a GPS that I could sell you (I'm going back to the States next week). It's for backpacking/outdoors-not sure if that's what you meant.

I haven't really thought of selling it, so I'm not sure about price, but if you're interested I'll come up with something. It's a Garmin Foretrex 101 (link below)


I have seen GPS here for around $200 U$D, new and in the box. The best deals are on, however make sure you buy from an actual store that advertises on their site to be safe. If you buy from a person who has one for sale it can be a bit risky. Good luck.