Great Dinner


Jun 20, 2006
Last night at Los Chinos we had 41 guests and everyone seemd to enjoy themselves. The food as always was excellent and Lily the host was as charming as ever. Hope to see you guys at our next dinner in 4 weeks which will be in Palermo Soho.
I, too, am a fan of El Establo, but when in the Recoleta area my choice of a good parilla is El Yugo on Ayacucho between Las Heras and Vicente Lopez. Similar high quality beef and pretty decent salad bar. Actually a few pesos less than its micro-center cousin.Open at 8PM and in the past closed in Feb. for summer.On the corner find Rodi bar full of locals enjoying dinner at fair prices, very fair considering this is a high end 'hood. Beware the restaurants at Recoleta Village and 'restaurant row' that extends all the way to Quintana along Junin. Not that they are bad but they are a bit pricey as the large rent paid to maintain the business is passed along to the consumer--read tourist. Peruse and compare prices on the posted menu before entering. Lots and lots of solicitous sidewalk touts in the area. Careful. For an excelent Italian meal try Sotto Voce, corner of Ayacucho and Libertador. Not a bad walk on a nice evening but not cheap either with a cubierto of close to six pesos. Killer Alfredo saucecs. All pasta made on premises. Worth the walk.
hi twin,surely there are many good typical parilla here in BsAs but the most restaurants increase their prices in fact of "somos un restaurante turistas" and this is not so my stuff if I should pay more than 4 pesos for one cubierto or in total 50 pesos or more per person.
Yesterday we had a small dinner with 6 people in a "non turist" parilla in the mostly high-price zone Las Cañitas with enough to eat and 2 bottles of wine for 152 Pesos :)Also I know here - 2 blocks difference - restaurants where you will pay the same price but only for 2 persons and only with 1 bottle of wine.bye schef4711