Great Spanish course/intro to BsAs


I wanted to recommend a Spanish course that we took when we first arrived in Buenos Aires -- it is perfect for newcomers! It's called Espanol 4D (espanol4d.blogspot .com). It meets 4 days in a row, for a couple of hours each day, and you meet in different neighborhoods in the city. They help you figure out how the transportation system works, how to order in a restaurant, how to find what you want in a supermarket -- all the essentials -- and you learn by actually doing these things. You also get an introduction to the city and get to see some of the major sights. We are a family of 5 and we did it together very successfully -- enough moving around to keep the kids from getting bored and enough detail to keep the adults totally engaged.

I have absolutely no personal connection to the course, financial or otherwise, just wanted to give it a great review in case others are just arriving and looking for that perfect intro to Castellano and Buenos Aires. More details at espanol4d.blogspot. com.