Great Sushi


Apr 7, 2008
I did find some GREAT Sushi at Dashi, Montevideo 1059. If you know of any other great Sushi Resturant please post it here!
For sushi the best I've had is at Yuki's in terms of quality and diversity.

Pasco 740 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Tel: 4942-7510
We had tuna! Of course, it was canned tuna;(~We were so excited to see it on the menu, then it came, and we took a deep breathe, ate our dinner, and reminded ourselves that we came here for a cultural experience that happens to include a culture that doesn't place a high value on fresh fish. Maybe the more people know about sushi, the more people want sushi, the more it becomes a norm, the better it will get....Let's all hope....
Ah, the eternal quest for good sushi.
One of my faves for inexpensive, good quality (but the normal limited selection) is Bistro Tokyo in Belgrano. Very inexpensive & fresh. It's not a pretty place but it's yummy.
Also like gypsy.. rose? Drawing a blank on the name. It's Gypsy *something* in Palermo.
"citygirl" said:
Also like gypsy.. rose? Drawing a blank on the name. It's Gypsy *something* in Palermo.
There's a Japanese place called Little Rose in Palermo. I've never been but noticed the name.
lol - yes, Little Rose on Armenia! Gypsy Rose was a rather famous burlesque dancer! ;)
Little Rose is really pretty & wonderful service.
This is a sushi place that only does delivery - it's the best value i've found in Buenos Aires, although it is a little sweet for some people's tastes, but still good. I have ordered it a few times as nice to change from eating Itamae sushi all the time, which is good but quite expensive now and the pieces are small.
try irifune or if u wanna find tuna, park hyatt does an aperitivo with a large buffet of sushi , every night from 7pm to 9 pm ...they have tuna