Guide Books - For Sale


Just finished our travels and thought someone could use our English guide books... prices are in pesos;

2009 Lonely Planet - Chile & Easter Island (the latest edition) $45 (SOLD)
2008 Footprint - South American Handbook (84th edition) $35
2007 Lonely Planet - Bolivia, 9th Ed. (the latest edition) $35
2006 Lonely Planet - Mexico, 10th Ed. (11th edition released '08) $30
2005 Lonely Planet - Argentina, 5th Ed. (6th edition released '08) $35


Actually I use the internet and printed guides - they're not mutually exclusive. And now I'm kicking myself because a week ago I paid $80 for that Lonely Planet Chile & Eater Island guide.


You're right to a certain extent... the internet has wormed it's way into just about every aspect of our lives - it's kind of sad. The flashpackers are definitely in the majority nowadays.

I walked into a café in Xela, Guatemala and was surprised to see about ten 'travelers' all separately hunched over their laptops looking for the latest from tripadvisor ... all with the same sterile glow highlighting their hungry, sallow faces.