Gym Membership Fees


Aug 22, 2008
Hi,Would anyone be willing to share how much they pay for their monthly gym membership and where they go? I just moved here (Palermo Hollywood) and I would like to join a gym soon but I feel like I'm being quoted outrageous membership prices compared to what I've seen posted here in the past and on other forums.
I just returned from the AltoPalermo Megatlon and, in English, was quoted 360pesos per month. Plus, they charge 50pesos per month for a locker.

In addition, they require 36pesos for a doctor's check and 30pesos for the membership card. I don't need a locker and I understand about the minor charges but 360pesos per month sounds unreasonably steep! What are you paying?
I mostly run on the treadmill to music and take the occasional spinning/pilates class so I don't need a fancy facility. I'd prefer to pay monthly or for 3 months at a time right now. Does anyone go to Magic Center Club in Las Canitas? Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance!Oh, and if anyone would like a running/work-out partner I'd be happy to meet up!
I looked at a chain called "SPORTS CLUB" or something like that back in April. I think it is on par with Megatlon (sp?).
A Year Membership was:
AR$105 to sign up (one time fee)
+ AR$25 for your card (one time fee)
AR$235 to walk in the door and then AR$105 after that. (Taken from your bank card.)

AR$190/mo if you wanted to go month-to-month (+AR$25 for your card).
These clubs are nice. A membership to one is a membership to all. They have pools. The people who workout at these clubs are clean, educated, and have good jobs/money. (En general) I chose not to join because that wasn't important right now.

Instead I joined a place that has a sign that reads "GIMNASIO". The weights are from the 1960s and regaeton (sp?) is blasted on occasion. (Much to my dismay.) There are several places like this and the fees vary by location.
I joined the one at Cordoba & Junin (by the Facultad de Medicina subte stop). No pool, but there is a room for classes. A membership to one is only good at that location. You wouldn't probably want to take a shower at this place.
AR$55/mo (or maybe AR$60) or 3 months for AR$155. (At least that was a few months ago.)
AR$5 for membership card
AR$60 to start today

They're open 'til 11:00pm M-F, ~10am-6pm on Saturday, closed Sundays & holidays.
Miro-Unfortunately, as with most things here, the outrageous price is correct. I belong to another Megathlon and that is the price if you pay month by month. If you pay just annually, the price is around 1800 pesos for the year. If you have a foreign credit card, it will be charged all at once and not in payments but you are locked in for the year. My annual membership expired back in June. Last year, I paid 1200 pesos for the year, this year they quoted me a price of 1800 and said it was actually going up higher than that. I spoke with the manager and said the increase was absurd and complained (as some of you know, I can do quite well) and they "did me a favor" at 1500 pesos for the year. Back in 2004, at another local gym, my original monthly fee was 60 pesos. Don't worry. S(*%% is going to hit the fan very soon and prices should be readjusted to realistic terms. They have gotten too greedy and will be penalized.
Hola Miro, I was in the same position you were and did some research on different gyms. At the end I found a gym I liked and definitely the cheapest of all the ones I checked out. Their name is XXL and they are located at Scalabrini Ortiz 1378. Their membership fee is only 75 pesos per month and 10 pesos for initiation fee. No need to commit more than one month. While their facilities are not as nice as Megalton or Always, I find them sufficient for what I need (working out or cardio). Check them out and if you don't like them you can change to a different gym after one month.Ahmed
as i said in a different post on a similar topic, magic centre club was amazing back in 2003 when i was a member there for 6 months, always treated me like royalty, LOADS of clases throughout the day, and much better than megatlon. i used to train there a few clases a day, couldn't fault it. can't believe it can have changed that much, but in november when i move back i intend to rejoin. megalon is a joke with its prices.
I just signed up 10 minutes ago at Always. 140 pesos for the 1st month, 120 for each month thereafter. I also checked out a much less nice gym called Espacio Vital, on Borges 2405, and it was only 60 pesos per month. It would've sufficed for maintaining general fitness, but was a little lacking in the free-weight department, so I went with Always. I've gotta agree, though, these gym membership prices, in general, seem outta line.