Selling gym membership for August (Almagro)


Apr 30, 2006
I am selling my gym membership to Megatlon Almagro. Megatlon is a large chain, which I like because it has more space and a pool than some of the small gyms you see around the city. At the Almagro location, they also have coed volleyball and basketball at 8:30 pm during the week, and a good selection of group classes including spinning.

There will be one month left on my membership when I leave Buenos Aires. We can go together to the branch on Humahuaca (at Salguero) in Almagro and transfer the membership to your name. I know one of the people who works there and he told me it would take 5 minutes to make the switch and it's free. This is a good opportunity to try a gym for a month with no extra commitment.

Price: 140 pesos, and all the free advice on the neighborhood or the gym that you'd like. I absolutely love Almagro. I have also lived in different parts of Palermo, in Congreso briefly, and in Villa Crespo, but Almagro has been my favorite neighborhood.

Feel free to PM me for details. I will also be selling a number of kitchen supplies in good condition, a small piece of furniture for the kitchen with a granite top and shelfs, an air cooling system (not an A/C but worked for me), an standing fan, a double bed, etc. Once I have photos, I will post these.

Please pass this message along to anyone who might be interested.