Gyms near Park Las Heras


Oct 18, 2007
I'm moving to a new apartment near Las Heras park today and was looking for a gym close by. Any recommendations? I mostly use the weight machines and the aerobic machines. Any gyms have specials on three month memberships?

Here's my gym experiences in BA:

I've used two gyms here, one on Libertad near Juncal and one on Peru near Belgrano. These were no frill gyms but met one's basic needs for a workout. The one on Libertad charged me around $120 for one month and the one on Peru was a little less expensive and had more equipment.

One thing to watch out for in a gym is if the windows open up to a busy street with buses. The Libertad gym's areoebic machines were on the first floor next to the windows on Libertad to maximize carbon monoxide input :eek:
There is a small gym on Ugarteche between Las Heras and Juncal. It's on the even side of the street next to the shoe repair. Probably pretty affordable.
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