Hair In Argentina at Home......


Jan 14, 2009
Hey guys this is Ryan....the Infamous Canadian Hair Stylist.
(who some love)

Since I have met so many wonderful people from this Web Group and currently maintain them as clients, I thought I would say hello and introduce my self.

I have been in Buenos Aires now for almost 2 years, and in the last year have decided to work from my studio apartment currently in Recoleta.

Going to a stylists home is very different then going to a salon. It is a very personal experience.
Coming to a salon here is different than going to a salon anywhere in North America; here it is customary that a different person washes, colors, cuts, and finishes the hair, which in most cases can be disastrous, regardless of a language barrier....

I provide individualized services. I work with you from start to finish, and my pricing reflects that.(quality and detail)

Most clients like going to a salon because of the environment, and the ability to receive multiple services at the same time. Others prefer the informal relaxed experience....i.e. Coming to someone's home.

Having worked in various salons here it is not my style; my clients prefer quality versus being a part of an assembly line.

For some it is.... Just a hair cut, others want more. I am not the stylist for everyone. After 10 years of being a stylist, I understand this.

The relationship I provide with my clients is one of genuine care and trust. For me I know it is more than just a hair cut and color. It is about bringing out who my clients are naturally versus trying to change them into a current trend. Some people love me and some..... Well lets just say they went back to the salon.

The relationship between a client and a stylist can have many levels. Sometimes I have clients who never say a word other than what they would like, and that is perfect. On the other hand, I have clients in which our rapport is more personal. I have met many clients who have become some of my dearest friends through doing hair in my home.

In Buenos Aires there is a large group of service providers who work from home who cater to the expat community. They provide care, attention and detail that we are use to back home, but have been challenged here to find it in many businesses. Everything from Salon services to corporate services, etc........
In fact it is not just here, but in most parts of the world there are many professionals who work from home.

I hope this may have clarified any questions or opinions people may have about entering into a professional relationship with someone working from their house.
I would also finally like to thank the many people on here who continuously support me through the day to day Crazy Go To Love Buenos Aires Life!
Best Wishes to Everyone!!
Ryan( That Crazy Canadian Stylist) ;)
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