Hairdresser that speaks English?


Nov 29, 2008
Does anyone know any (good) hairdresser that would speak English? I have had couple of really bad experiences with hairdressers here and next time I would like to make sure that if it happens again the reason is not the language.
It would be so nice to be able to really explain what I want.

Seems that local hairdressers are not really trained to cut short women's hair. Or have you found one who is good at that?
There's a guy named Ryan that has posted and been raved about a few times on BANewcomers -- I've not been to him, but if you search that group for "ryan hairdresser" I'm sure he'll comeup -- he may also be listed on
Hi Vilma, I'm not sure how good he's cutting short hair, but there's this guy named "Guy" that works at the Roberto Giordano salon in Alto Palermo (and at the Guemes location too I think). Guy lived/worked in NY and I really liked the way he cut my hair (long layers). He has also cut my friends' hair and they've been happy with him as well. Good luck. (If I find his number I'll send it. Otherwise call or stop by Roberto Giordano's.)
The hair salon I went to once has English-speaking employees. It's called Cerini and it's in Recoleta. They have a website:
Ryan is indeed very good. He is particularly good with color.

He's canadian, so language is not an issue.

He is now located in Recoletta and works out of his apartment and I believe his number is 15 3050 2076.

Be prepared for quite a character but with a lot of talent...
Thank you all for replies. I think I first check out that Cerini. I probably feel more comfortable in salon than someones home, canadian or not ;o)

I will not go anywhere near any of Giordano shops, there I had (in paseo Alcorta) the worst experience ever. I was ashamed to walk out of there without hat and I decided that I never go back even though I'm sure they are not all as bad there.

By the way, funny that so many hairdressers here are men. Where I come from majority of them are women (scandivavia).
I recommend Claudia. She's from Switzerland and speaks english, french, german and spanish ! She's a great hair dresser and very nice person. She has her own salon in San Thelmo.

Her telephone number : 4361 9070
I have been going to Ryan for nearly a year and there is no doubt he has NO problem cutting short hair. I have short hair and after 18 months of terrible haircuts here in Buenos Aires I am relieved I can now go to Ryans comfortable apartment and get my hair cut. In fact I have just returned home after getting yet another REALLY good cut from Ryan.
I'm now booked to Cerini for this afternoon. If that is again bad experience I will try out either Claudia or Ryan. Keep your thumbs up so that this time it works out. First time was so bad that I almost burst out crying right there at salon.

I will report my experience here later.
i swear by GLAM on quintana. wicked salon, best haircuts i have ever had, went back to the uk and my friend who is a stylist over there immediately picked up on it. highly recommended.