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The food does not dry out in the Argentine frig. They are called "wet" fridges as compared to "dry" fridges in the US. I was told this by people who had lived in both countries and I find it to be true. Still. I cover my food in the fridge with a dish, so that it does not absorb odors from other foods. I do use plastic wrap occasionally for food that is left on the counter. I had a difficult time adjusting to this system, but have had good results.
I don't know if this works for all refrigerators here. You need to give it a try and see the results as they may vary, according to the type of refrigerator.
I've never heard of this (nor noticed it). Fridges are dry because water condenses on the cold walls and drips out to the drain pan. Same reason your air conditioner dries out your house.

You're a fraction of a percent more likely to get cancer in the US than in Argentina
The cited table shows rates of 318/100,000 in the US versus 216.7/100,000 in Argentina (with the genders combined). In the metric system we'd call that an almost 47% higher prevalence. The difference is somewhat lower for women, since you were responding to a female poster, but at 40% still seems significant.
I recently read an article about why we "miss" these products:

The food America is served is biologically addictive. Because of this, willpower is that much more difficult to control.

The food industry deliberately creates addictive products (nearly 600,000) and lies about the science behind it.

The food environment is toxic and the food industry pretends to be part of the solution while actually making us sicker and fatter.

Government and “independent” professional organizations like the American Nutrition and Dietetic Association (AND) are corrupted by food industry money.

Obesity and chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer) are contagious, and we need a public health campaign, policy changes, and community-based solutions to cure them. -

See more at: http://www.chopra.com/ccl/its-not-your-fault-youre-fat
I have to say I'm a little confused by this post. While it is true that in the US there are food additives, there are also many prepared foods and more everyday which omit additives and state non GMO on the label. Whereas in Argentina, I find it difficult to consume any canned and prepared foods as most contain MSG, high fructose corn syrup, etc. All light products seem to contain artificial often carcinogenic sweeteners instead of less sugar. Almost all packaged cookies contain lard instead of vegetable oil. I make most of my meals from scratch here because of the lack of health conscious prepared foods as compared to the United States. This is what I've observed not only recently in Argentina but for the past several years as prepared products have become more prolific.

Oh, and how do you explain why my Argentinian family misses their native food when they are in the United States?
1 cup mustard seeds
1/4 cup water

3/4 cup of apple vinegar ( vinagre de manzana)
any herbs that you like: I have used romero, dill and tarragon. Let these ingredients sit in a jar on the counter, covered, for 2 days up to 1 week.
blend it in a blender and add a little dry white wine until you get the consistency that you like.. I store it in those cute little yogurt jars( Yogos) and it seems to keep
for a very long time in the refrigerator.
This is a recipe for good mustard for those who miss it and can't find the good stuff here. I have made it for years and everyone seems to like it. It's not my recipe, found it in a cookbook years ago.
Also, it is not very expensive to prepare . We like it and make it quite often.
. So easy.
"Dame mane" is great locally produced peanut butter and even comes in smooth or chunky.
By the way, altho far from a conspiracy theorist, I have long thought that there were carcinogens in the food chain in the US. Too many cases of cancers as compared to what I've seen elsewhere. Not a scientific study altho some statistics would support my observations.
On the other hand, I've been drinking artificially sweetened beverages for 50 years and am here to write about this. But I'm not proud of it..... :)
Where do you find this peanut butter? Is it natural? I brought some peanut butter, but almost out of it. Thanks
For those of you who crave
clean, fresh vegetables
recently opened in my neighborhood
the BIO Market,"El Super Organico"
Pueyrredon 2088
M-F 9-21
Sat 10-14
+5411 4806 6993

It is not Whole Foods (lately too commercial for me)
or The Good Earth, Real Food or the Drivers market in Sausalito,
places I go to buy organic and specially local produce
but so far it makes me happy!
They are also very nice people.

A source for quality chocolate and
"out of this world" ice cream
Rapa Nui
Arenales & Azcuenaga corner
Open to 1 am weekedays
Sat till 2 am

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Dama Mane IMO is reallly the best. You can buy it at (maybe not all) Disco Markets, New Garden stores and Tina on Mendza in Chinatwn, around the corner from Casa China.
I've had a hell of a time trying to find hummus here, but instead of asking them to bring hummus because that needs to be refrigerated..maybe ask for Tahini sauce so you can make it yourself if you like it? Lasts awhile, comes in a jar.

Other than that - if you're into healthy breakfasts, cream of wheat and/or steel cut oats are difficult to find.