Heated Busses


Jun 18, 2005
Heated busses in Argentina!!! heheheh, just kidding folks.
some day, in a future, far far away when others have a colony on the moon,.... some day.brrrrrr. seriously, hard to believe, but even farther south its unheated and of course if youve spent a broiling jan. in the city, you know theres no AC or even fans on city busses and the subway is a great way to sweat off those pounds.
hey, if i was voting in this election, id bring that up, plus all of the other public tranport issues (to sum up, govt. choses not to manage it). but thats another thread (someone should start one on the election issues)
ive been looking for a heated restaurant or cibercafe, havent found one. going back to my room soon to snuggle against the heater and defrost.
whinge whing whinge is jg way . You not like Argentine you can Leave country
I get the impression that JG was posting a tongue in cheek comment. Please lighten up, and take the ribbing as it was intended to be (JG, I do not mean to defend you here but this you-do-not-like-argentina- go -home attitude is old and repetitive).
The world has enough of the trigger finger attitude towards humor that anytime someone makes a comment along the lines of "observations and what-if" another person who does not like what is said - is ready to blow another person's head off.
If JG leaves, twenty six others will take her place. You do the math.
Sir, in the present condition the world is in we do not really need another sour puss, do we?
You guys have this all wrong, JG kicks ass, he is this forums number 1! member no question about it, he'd outfight or outtalk any one of you on any given day in person. It's easy to talk smack over the internet but in this case it's also cowardly since you'd be smart enough not to say those things in person.
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