Hello Everybody, i am new here!!


Nov 14, 2008
Hello again and thanks for reading this post, well, my name is Violeta, and i am from Honduras, but for the past 3 years i have been living in Costa Rica, i am huge fan of travelling, its my passion, and my new destiny is South America, i was in Peru this july, and i loved it, now my plan is to go to study to Argentina, and more specific in Buenos Aires.
So, i am hoping to get to know people before my trip, that it would be around february or maybe sooner.
I am brand new in this page, so i need to get familiar with everything, anyway, i´ll be around and dont doubt to get in touch with me!!! ;)
Hi Violeta welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great info here and people! How long are your studies in Argentina?
Hi, well i think it would be at least two years, maybe more, i am not sure right now, it depends of a lot of factors. And where are you from??
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