Hello from me and the cat! (Please help)


May 15, 2023
Hola, I'm studying but my Spanish is still insufficient for writing. I'm moving to BsAs for (at least) 6 months this fall, with my charming Siamese. I was literally buying a one-way ticket on American Airlines this morning when the site crashed, and it occurred to check on the cost of pet fees. Not only does American not permit a pet in the cabin, they permit NO PETS (even in cargo) on their Argentina routes. Welp, so much for signing up for that AA credit card!

Senorita Siamese and I will be traveling from Denver. I'd love to hear about your experiences with flying from the U.S. with pets in the cabin, and living/renting with a cat in the city in general. Thanks so much, see you November 1. (I hope.)
I don't know anything about cats but I've been stopped at check in when i only had a 1 way ticket. This was a decade ago so no idea if you still need either a return ticket or proof of onward travel to board the plane
"Aerolineas Argentinas" accepts cats in the cabin. One of my close friends took the flight NY-BA with her cat months ago and had no problem at all. Of course she had to buy a ticket for him, pay for permit/certificate from a vet, etc etc...
Good luck with your move and please keep us posted. I also have pets and want to take them to Argentina and still haven't figured out the best way. I understand in cargo is only for very small pets. I did find out Aerolineas Argentinas has cargo flights out of Miami specifically for animals, according to their website... I wish you and Senorita Siamese all the best!