HELP - dental advice needed!


Jul 29, 2008
hey all

there are five weeks to go til i move to BA. however, two weeks ago, a bit of one of my molars came out, most likely due to my phobia of dentists (i haven't been for 10 years! so ashamed) due to some bad orthodontal experience in my teens. i am now 28.

i am getting a bit of sensitivity in my teeth and am finally ready to bite the bullet (excuse the cheap pun) and go to the dentist. i want a filling (i'm hoping to avoid root canal) and would like a hygienist to give my teeth a good going over. on the nhs, a consultation costs £16.20 and if fillings are needed, the amount would be £44.60. hygienists don't qualify as nhs and a half hour consultation costs £55.

given that i am intending to get all singing and dancing medical cover when i get out there my question is:

a) has anyone had dental work over there b) how much did treatment cost? and c) am i better off getting an interim nhs filling then pursue any additional treatments etc over there?

anyone who knows concrete prices or has had any kind of experience with argentine dentists i'd love to hear your anecdotes/advice.
Its amazing those things are covered by the NHS.

I would check the 'antecedentes' policy on your health care here and what clinics they use. You might need to be member for x number of months before you get dentistry - I don't know for sure - but check.

If you have mid-to-top of the range Medicus, Swiss or Omint you will be impressed by the clinics - the rest...dunno - I wouldn't chance it myself.
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