help!!! i am an actress!


Dec 16, 2007
hi to everyone!!
my name is Ines and I am argentinean. Lived in London for mannnny years and recently moved back to buenos aires
My desesperation is the following: i ve just landed a part in a movie that is going to be sold in united states... not very well paid but a great experience.
Apart from the fact that it is a very hard part to play, my problem is that they require AMERICAN ACCENT!!! and my accent is sooooo british...
could someone please help me out? i ve just need a helpful soul that can get together with me and record my parts into a recorder, so i can repeat it like a parrot and manage not to get kicked off the is sooooo damned urgent
the director, whom i promissed i can make the accent work....looked at me so dodgily yesterday when he heard me speaking..... need to hear this accent properly ... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT?
I can exchange with lots of acting contacts and help in spanish as well....or whatever you need!!!!! dance classes...whatever!!!!!!!!Bold Text