HELP! I am trying to register for the marathon & I don't speak Spanish!


Sep 2, 2009
Hola! I tried registering online and it is not accepting my registration. I know you can register at sport's stores around the city, but cannot find a listing. This is possibly due to the fact that my Spanish is very poor, however. Here is the website:

I did read that I can only register through a store now, and that I only have until Friday. I have been training for months and will be SICK if I miss the deadline to register. If you can provide any assistance, I would be ever-so-grateful! Thank you, thank you!

here you are:

En los locales exclusivos de adidas de 14 a 22 hs:
• Paseo Alcorta - Salguero 3172 - 2° piso - local 3001 – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
• Alto Avellaneda - Güemes 897 - Planta Baja - locales 106/7 – Avellaneda.
• Unicenter - Paraná 3745 – 2° nivel - local 2343 – Martínez.

En The Runners Shop, de lunes a viernes de 13 a 20 hs. y sábados de 11 a 15 hs.
• Av. Córdoba 1360 – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

Good luck!
OMG THANK YOU!!!!! I was seriously getting so frustrated!!!!! The Runner's shop is very close to me. Gracias de nuevo!