Help! Need To Locate Healthy And/or Organic Food And A Gym


Jul 3, 2017
hey all, i'm here for 2 months taking spanish classes and doing an internship in health. normally i'm a Whole Foods snob and pretty much eat really healthily and use protein bars and tons of nuts, vegetables, beans, and some organic beef, chicken, etc. i realize this is the country of steak, but i cannot do it every day LOL. also i need to find a gym, preferably near the aforementioned healthy food store LOL. anyone with some ideas? also looking for others to meet and hang out with. after 5 hours of Spanish class a day I need a break as my head hurts, ha ha.
There are places but you need to specify in what part of the city you are living and studying in order to to receive recommendations. Healthy eating and gyms are popular activities here.
Hook up with Jueves La Mesa. You can Google them. Megan and Sophie do a closed door dinner every Thursday night. There is an organic market once a week in San Telmo. There is also an organic market in Chacarita. There are plenty of fresh fruit and vegis every where in the city. Look up ' Pick Up the Fork'. It's a good blog and guide to all the good food in the city. If you have a kitchen to cook in, you will have no problems eating healthy. But be sure to have a choripan or two.
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The first organic supermarket in Argentina
when i was looking for a good gym in palermo, I found they were either small and old, but affordable OR they were nice and big (like in USA) but VERY expensive. good luck. i joined the small and old one.