How do you locate blue exchange locations?


Mar 31, 2021
Is there an app to find these? Are there chains with names to look for?
Pretty much anywhere that isn't a bank branch will exchange at blue rate. Of course under the table, outside they'll advertise the official rates but nobody except maybe the most naive tourist is changing dollars at the official rates.
Are there chains with names to look for?
This PagoFacil/WU office exchanges US$ at the blue rate. Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 2354 x Charcas. Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00am-5:00pm. Friendly staff.
They always have plenty of AR$1,000 and $500 peso notes on hand. Usually no more than a 10-min wait outside. Ideal time is after 12:00 noon. Inside show your US$100 bill(s) at window "ORO" and ask "a cuanto paga" to get a quote.
I go to one in the first block from the subte on congresso....heading towards Moldes
just walk into any galería that has a storefront that sells gold or jewels and there's a damn good chance they will change at the blue rate for you or can tell you who will.