Help planning a special day/weekend


Jul 27, 2009
So, I just moved to BsAs a month ago, and me and my boyfriends 2 year aniversary is coming up (14th of august). Since he actually came here with me, I want to do something kind of special, but: I am a student, so my budget isn't huge.

What I'm hoping is that some of you more experienced BsAs expats here could suggest activities, restaurants, hotels or other stuff that are a bit out of the ordinary. If you could help making this a unforgettable aniversary I would be really grateful!

I know this is kind of an impossible task, as everybody likes different things. We are 24 years old. A night at a fabolous (budget) hotel (maybe with a jacuzzi, but definitly with a heating system, as our apartment is so cold), a really fantastic show or just something romantic would defintly do. So far I looked at going to Tigre og San Antonio de Areco, but I don't feel it's the right time (as it is still cold). I just want to break up the rutine a little, and spend some quality time :)
if you and your boyfriend like horseback riding (or would like to try it in a casual environment), I can recommend a place in Parque Pereyra Iraola (30 min from downtown). They organize little and private events: you can stroll on horsebacks through the scenic park and have a parrilla afterwards. It is a pretty casual setting but an unforgettable (non-tourist) experience of Argentine life.

Thanks Santi! It doesn't have to be luxurious at all actually. The little things makes us happy :) I just want it to be different from our rutine here, something new and exciting! I would love to go horseback riding. Not sure if my boyfriend feels the same way, but it could definitly be fun!

Either I'm taking him to a spa (aquavita medical spa), and a show of some sort, and then home to our apartment, or we rent a cool hotelroom, or maybe a nice picnic and horseback riding. Or something completly different if anyone in here suggests something even better!
Kyra, your man is a very lucky guy to have you planning a special 2nd anniversary . If by August 15th you will need to renew your visa, get on one of the less expensive Buquebus rides to Colonia. It is a very quiet place - really out of the ordinary BsAs everyday humdrum. Stay at a nice hotel by the river - the one next to a casino. walk around town and just take pictures. You will like Colonia and on the Buquebus, get some good chocolates and a good bottle of liquor and ask the hotel to bag you a small lunch (cheese, empanada, sandwich and salami) and eat by the river or park.
Again, I say your man is so lucky to have a romantic like you for a partner.
For dinner - he should pick up the bill for I am sure dessert will be on the menu :)
YG (you go) Kyra!!
I know some people who had to renew their visa and they actually took a bus up north and then over into Uruguay. They stayed on an estancia for ~3 days, ate like kings, road horseback, and were the only people there that weekend. (~17 days ago)

I think that everything included came out to about AR$1,000/person. Trip, estancia, tip, return. If that sounds interesting, I could do a bit more research.

Wow, both the estancia, Colonia and the Morada Delta in Tigre is tempting...ah the choices! Guess I just have to check my banking account :)

If anyone knows about stuff here in Buenos Aires ( a good show: dancing, circus (like cirque de soleil), or theater) I would appreciate tips about that as well (if it turns out I cant afford to travel).

And yes: is it possible to get tickets to the Phantom of the Opera? Somebody told me they were sold out...