HELP!! Tomorrow is important.


May 31, 2006
The Simpsons comes out, but I can only find it in Spanish. There has to be one or two smart theaters out there that want to exploit the expats and their money, that will have the original version with all the voice characterizations we have grown to love. I cannot bear to watch the show here, because the humor, although still funny, just isn't the same without the real actors' voices and their inflections. Anybody out there know of a way to see the movie here, in english, and not some crappy download bootleg? Please email any responses if you would to [email protected] Much obliged, Diego Duran
Go to the Abasto shopping center. They had Ratatoile there in three versions, english, spanish neutro and castellano. I'm sure they are doing the same for the simpsons. The original language versions are usually late like 9PM.
Check out this page. I believe that if it is not marked specifically as (castellano) it means it is in english. For example in Patio Bullrich or Atlas Santa Fe.
Thanks for all the help!! Saw it today in spanish, but will go this weekend to find it in English. I have to hear the voices as intended.
Please let me know if you find the Simpsons movie playing anywhere in English. We already called Recoleta Village and it is absolutely only being shown in Castellano.I hate dubbed films.Good luck
we checked every cinema in yesterdays paper and all but a couple listed the Simpsons in castellano. The others we rang or visited in person, but they also were showing it in Castellano. Atlas santa fe told us that no English versions of the film had arrived in the country yet! Not good news!!
The chatter on the web forums has been that no English version would be shown in South America. There was a quote from some Fox executive about it, but I can't find it again. The short of it is, "since 99% of the population is used to seeing it in Spanish, we're going with just the Spanish version in Latin America."
The discussions (and outrage) has to do with the dubbing being done by different actors than are involved with the series because of a contractual dispute.
It is my understanding that Ratatouille (maybe The simpson's too) is shown in English ONLY at night, like around 9.30 in Abasto and Malls.

Good luck.
You could download a DVD quality copy off the internet. It's not hard to find. Do a search on the Pirate Bay. I've also seen that mouse movie listed but don't think the quality is that great.
It's a good movie (the simpsons) and will leave a cultural hole in your life if you miss it. Dubbing would ruin the movie. I can actually feel your pain. Praise jebus.