here come larger peso notes



on top of that, they want to change AGAIN the pictures on the bills:

i didn't realizes that images of native animals were not representative of everyone and were politically skewed. such a joke.
Well, this is because you don’t know that argentine’s revolutionary heroes fought slavery since 1810 and liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru from the biggest power of those days who sent its elite veteran troops like “La Burgos”:

on the brink

Yay!!! i missed being a millionaire just to buy a loaf of bread, been there done that.....peso nacional, peso ley 1818,peso argentino, austral, and this current peso lol viva pernon
Back in the last days of peso Ley, I bought a pair of shoes for something like $550,000 pesos. It was surreal.
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Facts shows that MM didn’t care the law, the National Constitution neither the western civilization.
Sorry Bajo but what "facts" did MM show in not caring about the law? Besides none. Nobody flouted the law quite like the K's and even you know that.