Is there a country in South America with a larger us Expat presence than Argentina?


I found this online, but it was undated, so I have no idea if its still true.
But it makes sense that Brazil, with its much larger population and area, would have more expats.
  • Argentina: 20,000
  • Bolivia: 13,000
  • Brazil: 60,000
  • Chile: 12,000
  • Colombia: 30,000
  • Ecuador: 20,000
  • Paraguay: 3,000
  • Peru: 16,000
  • Uruguay: 3,500
  • Venezuela: 23,000
several other websites seem to agree that Brazil has about double the number of Argentina, and that Columbia probably equals Argentina.
Remember that ANY numbers, for Argentina or Columbia or wherever, will include all US citizens- which means that people who were born in Argentina, moved to the US, and then returned, but kept US citizenship, count. Which probably explains the estimated 40,000 (wiki numbers) in Columbia- a lot of US citizens return to their home countries to retire- this applies to Mexicans, Greeks, Koreans and others. Historically, at least 10% of all US immigrants return to their countries of origin, and, many already have US citizenship when that happens.

My guess is the same thing applies to "expats" from other countries- some of them are actually yo-yos.


Some who takes out residency or citizenship in a second country (i.e., other than their home or first country) and uses that residency or citizenship to live some or most of each year in a the second country?