hey future friends!


Hi everyone!! so I just got down to BA from the States a couple days ago. I'm 23 and just graduated this past spring and this seems like the place to make some friends. It sounds from reading everyone's post that a lot of people are looking to get together to party it up. I just learned about this site today, and I think we should all get together really soon, like tomorrow. I think I read that a newbi group was hooking up in San Telmo maybe, friday at 9? is that happening still/ is it filled up? If so I'd love to join. Either way let's get something going. Also if anyone plans on traveling, in around a month, I'm planning on doing a lot myself all over the andes and patagonia area...let me know. matt


It looks like we're meeting tonight at Bar Gibraltar in San Telmo, check out the "New to BA" thread. Hope to see you!