Sep 27, 2007
Hello everyone, my name is Darko, i'm 17 from Serbia. You probably never heard about this country, it's lokated somewhere in Europe :)This is my first time to be in Buenos Aires, and i can only say it's amazing. Some of foreign people say that people in my country is the most beautiful in the world, but as far as i can see, the girls in here ( they like to call them selfs portenas) are absolutely wonderfull. The people are so kind, and i'v noticed that they like to kiss each other so much, and i especially like that custom. I love the food, there is a planty of excellent restaurants... I made a close friendships with Sonia and Sara, girls from Recoleta, and i just adore to go out with them..they now few excellent disco clubs, and teen bars, and i can say i enjoy too much.The only sad thing is that my school year starts in november, so i left just a few weeks the spend it here. I can't find the rite words..i just love it..every part of Buenos Aires, every street, every street tango dancer..i even wrote a song about it :)My Spanish was never a problem, i speak it great, but this was the chance to improve it ;) Algun dia, yo hespero que voia regresar en Buenos Aires, i voia vivir toda la vida en este lindo siudad, con gente mas carinosas ;)