Hi All!


Mar 25, 2007
I'm interested in barrio development and planning...does anyone know anyone in the city who works in this area that might be open to talking with a foreigner? I am very interested in how to barrios have grown and the new neighborhoods that are up and coming...thanks a lot!!
hiya i d be interested in your findings also. have an interest in trying block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, to organize for fixing/patching the sidewalks. david
One of the similarities between Argentina and Thailand is the general disrepair and anarchy of sidewalks - although it is worse in Thailand.

I am guessing that unlike the USA and Europe, sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner. Perhaps another example of the shortcomings of the laissez faire ideology...
i got the sidewalk in front of my building and the two neighboring buildings patched with concrete. one of the porteros did it from a bucket with concrete and it cost me 25 usa dollars which i m sure i could have bargained down. it made me think that 100 dollars would probably patch my whole block. which im going to attempt next time im in town. its is the property "owners" responsibility. so i need to ask although im almost inclined just to pay someone to do it in the middle of the night fast.

if every expat took on their block it might start a revolution!
Hi madi ..im an expat that`s into real estate development..maybe ai can be of help