Hi guys hows it going?


Jun 21, 2007
Hi everyone, My name is Michael but you can call me Mike. I've been living in buenos aires for a year and a half and never thought to look for any kinda of site like this. From what I've been reading I could be one of the youngest people here, I am an 18 years old guy from Colorado(although I was born in California and lived there a good amount of my life). Basically the teen life here is hard to integrate into especially since I'm done with high school and am studying for my degree online. Teens here( atleast form my experience) make friends young and never leave there sides, which is cool, but they don't easily let new people into there fold....so I have been dealing with what I call the 'one month syndrome' ( basically I'm interesting to them for about a month before they decide to forget about me) . So...to make a long story short..I'm looking for anybody who would like to hang out, go to movies, roam around etc. I really like how you guys have events where you all meet I'm just not sure If im gonna be out of place because of my age.. So please throw out ideas and correct me if Im wrong on any of those points.Also if there are any teens then please dont hesitate to respond here is my cell phone number text me or call me whichever you prefer: 1564412595 ( same goes for anyone who is interested in hanging) Thanks,Mike
Hey Mike,
I hear ya. I've been in BA for 9 months and lived in Córdoba for 2 years. I've run into similar problems with meeting people here in Argentina. The first month or two I had a booming social life, but then things just took a turn.
I'm seriously thinking about going to one of the expat events around town soon. Aside from the events posted here, YesBA also has monthly or bi-monthly get-togethers. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone
Best of luck and maybe we'll bump into each other at one of these expat shindigs.
Take care,
Hotmama, I've been studying alot so that takes up a big part of my time but also i'm here with my family so Im with them alot as well. I have made friends, or so I thought but man are the girls here complicated...wow can't even begin to explain but if you have been here any length of time you know that already. I just so happened to meet a girl first and thought that it was my ticket to make more friends an in if you will. It worked for a time until I found out this chick told all here friends not to hang out with me unless she was there... so. You can see where my experiences here aren't anything to write home about. mcaffa, Thanks its good to here im not alone! I definitely look forward to our meeting. Do either of you know if there are younger people who go to these get togethers?Anyways thanks for taking the time to respond to me!-Mike
Hey Guys- I can feel your social networking pain. I moved here in Dec. from NYC and have started from scratch to meet people, make friends and start a new life. So far, I must admit that its worked quite well and I've made a very nice social and professional circle. One of the ways I started meeting other Expats was through the monthly YEBA meetings where I've become quite involved. From there i've met many people that I now count as friends. I'm also organizing my own event this sat. - BA Costume Party Bus Bar Crawl - which is listed on the events section here. No doubt it will be a great time with btwn. 20-40 people, many expats and also a good # of argentines mixed in and it could be a fun, no pressure way to meet some new peeps. If you have any questions or would like to reserve a seat for Sat. give me a call 156.241.4441 or drop me an email to [email protected]. Best of luck and I really hope to meet you on Sat.!
Hi Mike,

My name is Diego and I am a 22 year old Argentine. Like they already said, no you're not alone. I even know some locals who have the same problem. So don't worry about it... I totally agree with what you said about teen life here. You're right. Some Argentines make friends when they are like very young and stay close to them, but show little interest in meeting new people. For example, I know many classmates from college who are nice to everyone and seem really friendly but are just acquaintances. This means that they'll never invite you to their houses or to hang out. Most Argentines meet loads of people at work, at school, etc. However, in general they don't have so many close friends.
Anyway, it would be cool to meet some expats so if you want, you can write me here or send me a note and I'll get back to you. We can arrange a meeting and hang some time. Why are you here? Is it because of your parents' job or something? Just wondering.
I look forward to your reply
Mike, I completely understand. We Argentines are not as friendly as some think... Everyone here has their own circle of friends and is happy with that. It's not an easy task to enter it for sure. As for the girls, yeah they tend to be quite complicated. One day they are in love with you, or so it seems... The next day they hate you or just ignore you. This is known as "histeriqueo" and is a typical Argentine trait. But don't lose hope. Things will get better.