High Fructose Corn Syrup


Jun 18, 2005
This really isn't a topic to discuss much, but since we were on the topic of label reading etc, (see formaldehyde thread) i wanted to point out that high fructose corn syrup is often abbreviated here on labels. Many times you will see it referred to as J.M.A.F.
Im not saying its good or bad, but if you prefer to avoid it, now you know what to look for. happy eating!
Here's some facts from Ettlingers site:
Did you know that. . .?

• Flour dust is explosive.

• The iron compound found in enriched flour is also used as a common weed killer.

• Glucose, the form of sugar that adds bulk and sweetness to Twinkies’ crumb and filling, also adds glossiness to shoe leather and prolongs concrete setting.

• Homeland Security figures prominently in modern food production.
• Only a small percentage of the 750 million pounds of cornstarch that’s manufactured annually goes into food like Twinkies. Two-thirds is used to make paper, cardboard, and packaging “peanuts.”

• When cooked, cotton cellulose is transformed into an incredibly soft goo, perfect for lending a slippery sensation to the filling in snack cakes--and rocket fuel.

• Soda ash finds its way into much of what we eat, which is pretty alarming, considering that it is also the primary component of glass and soap.

• Phosphorus, one of the seven elements necessary for life, is also what puts the glow in tracer bullets and causes artillery shells to explode.