High school suggestions


Apr 5, 2007
Hello, needing high school recommendations please.

I have a 17yr daughter who left 6 months ago from the US to be with her Argentine father. She was attending a typical public high school in the US and is now attending Lincoln in Brlgrano. She is really struggling with class load (15 classes vs 6 in the US) curriculum & the academic Spanish even though she is bilingual. To be honest, I think the hyper academic route is really not her but her father thinks otherwise. Researching other options.

Any suggestions for a bright/critical thinking, super social, somewhat ADD teens? Any success with your teenagers in certain high schools?

Thx in advance 💛
Over the years this has been a frequent topic of discussion. There is only one other international school, BAICA. It describes itself as a Christian International School, i.e. evangelical Protestant. Why not take a look? https://www.baica.com
All other options are bilingual schools (some classes in Spanish; some in English) which will have all Argentine students and will also require a large number of subjects to fulfill state requirements.