Hola a todos... one more newcomer :-)


Aug 26, 2011
Hi to all,

My name is Milka, and I moved here 3 weeks ago to work. I've been working so hard these past days, that I forgot that there is a life apart from work. The thing is that I actually don't know people and I really like people and I would like to make some friends.
I'm intermediate spanish speaker but I'm on my way to learn it well.
So if anyone is up for I wouldn't mind to hang, go out and stuff.

Welcome Mika! Just moved to BA as well...hope we can get together soon ! Muchos exitos!
Hi Aguafresca, thanks. We should do it definetely. I don't know how this acctually works, how do we set up a meeting? I wouldn't mind going out tonight :)
Hello guys... I´m trying to find out where to go out tonight for a few drinks and meet some cool people, if you read this post in time maybe we could meetup and join an expat crowd at Gibraltar or some other bar. What will you be up to tonight? Whatever the plan is I´m in!
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