Hola a todos!


Nov 19, 2010

Just a quick note to introduce myself...my name is Cara, I am 26 and from the UK. I arrived in BA a couple of days ago so still feeling a little disorientated but very happy to be away from all the snow and into the warmth!

I lived in BA for four months at the beginning of this year so I vaguely know my way around and have basic understanding of spanish but most of my friends from my previous trip have left now so I would love to meet some more people! If anyone would like to go for a drink, walk or whatever, get in contact.

I'm also hopelessly searching for work...any advice on job hunting would be great!

Chao x
Hola Cara! Never mind if you feel disorientated, Argentines we live in that state everyday and make it anyway. If you are happy that is the most important thing, to face the daily life here it is a good boost to end the day, which is always late.
The weather now is wonderful here!! isn't it?.
Also if you have a basic understanding of Spanish, they will help you if they are in a good mood, if not, never mind if you don't understand, it is better. Sometimes in life, the less you understand the happier you live. On the other hand , here people usually respond with monosylabes, or a little bit of English . If you vaguely know your way around, this is the way here about almost everything.
Welcome!!! you will enjoy the freedom of not to be by the book, observing any structure or politeness. Here people speak their mind! black people are call negros, short, petisos, fat, gordos and nobody feels offended.
There are lack of jobs here, but if you know the right person , that is all you will need. Networking , networking. This society is based on groups and connections. Does not matter how much skilled or experience you have, is whom you know. Good luck!!!
Hi Cara! Welcome back to BA. :)

As far as I finding jobs, I always recommend to people to telecommute or something. It will be really hard to stand out in the job market here.

You can usually find a decent amount of telecommute jobs on:


...and Google is good too, I suppose. Apply for jobs around here, of course. But don't forget about work at home stuff because there are some fish to catch out there! :)

Good luck!!
Hi Cara.
Myself and my girlfriend have also just moved to BA and are looking to get out and meet some new people =).
We are 27 years old and from Australia. We live in San Telmo and really like it here, but we are yet to meet many people and would love to make a new friend =).
So if your free any time soon to catch up for a drink or somthing, it would be greaat to meet you.

Take care

Thanks for all the advice guys! Really kind of you!
Tim, would love to go for a drink sometime! Where in Oz are you and your girlfriend from? I lived in Sydney for a year with my boyfriend (who is Argentine) and looooved it. Actually going back in March for a little holiday! Can't wait. Let me know when your free and we'll try and organise something.
Hi Cara and Tim,
Excuse me for jumping on the band wagon here. Just moved to BA from Sydney with my boyfriend, though we are actually British and French and 26 too. We would also love to meet some people as we have just arrive and know no one.
Would love to get together with you guys if you are up for it.
Hey Frankie!

The more the merrier I say! Would love to meet up. Maybe we could all organise something after christmas? Things are pretty hectic at the moment. Let me know what you think, Besos