Holiday Money

The best way would be as follows :-

1. Travel to USA every 4 months and return with 10 K usd hard cash. ( or come with 10 K for yr first trip here - holiday etc)

2. Find someone who earns in pesos and wants to send usd or C$ back home. take his cash here and send cash to his account there via bank transfer or paypal.

3. If you have a DNI, open a bank account here and transfer funds here.

4. Use ATMS ( but can be v expensive with fees and small withdrawal limits). Best for tourists.

5. Buy Bitcoins online from your bank account there ( back home) and exchange for hard cash here. No limits. Best for tourists.
You can use Visa Debit...almost anywhere now...I use if often.
Just reviewing notes as we're in BA in 10 days time! Good to learn that Visa Debit is gaining acceptance -- how does the rate charged compare with paying in cash? We're with ScotiaBank who have a cash transfer arrangement with Western Union; does TD have a similar thing and if so, have you used it and to what effect?

Thanks for your info,
I refer to my last post. Azimo use the code FRANKF2 and we both get £10. pick up at any local pick up point. Best exchange rates, better than my bank and I suspect yours too.
Scotiabank western Union works great! You can login send yourself money and pickup all within minutes. The exchange rate is OK with CDN. I have used it many times.!
....stupid question Bigboxer, but how exactly do you send money to yourself and pick up within minutes? Also, at which WU outlet do you pick up $$$ from, as the one I went to on Santa Fe just around the corner from Fray Justo Santa Maria de Oro, said they only sent money out and didn't receive it.