Horse Racing - "turf" - tomorrow.


Can anyone tell me about the races here in Buenos Aires?

From the website - - I gather there are races tomorrow (Friday) night. Starting from 6pm. I can´t speak spanish so i couldn´t get much else from the website.

How much is entry?
Anything else that i should be aware of?
Hot Tips?



We go to the Palermo Horse track with my husband and dad every once in a while, you don´t have to pay to get in, just your bets. The seats are upstairs ( downstairs there are slot machines ) You might find somebody that speaks English, although not for sure.

This is todays program:

If you want to go to the official seats ( upstairs in the middle, where they have a fine resturant and bar, etc you must wear shoes, no sneakers ) The building that is the closest to the corner, where the Paddock is, is the oldest and hasn´t been refurbished, so it is best to go to the nest two ( however it might be interesting to just go and wonder around that one, just to get an idea of what things were like in the past ) My dad used to be a teller there for many years.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will try to answer.