House-sitting anyone?

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i might be interested. could you send me more info about it?
Hey Celia,
We are a young couple from New Zealand, looking for an apartment for this time frame before heading off to Belize for a holiday. If you like the sound of us please PM and we can talk.
unapregunta said:
hi there, i would love to house-sit from april 22 to may 3...

Thanks for your interest, but we need someone for the whole period.
I'm not sure if you've found someone to house sit for you. I recently located to Buenos Aires and I am looking to settling here and trying to find the best location. If you've found someone to look after your home, congratulations. But if by chance you have not, I am very interested. I'm female and very clean and would like a spot to live while I'm looking my own place.
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