How do I pay my rent in USD when I don't have USD cash?

Ah okay I am also going to uruguay soon is it worth it to get some dollars there? There will be fees however because of my specific bank
I haven't been in a while, but the fees are higher than using WU, IIRC you can take out around 800 USD at a time, and the fees are around $5 USD per withdraw + whatever your bank charges you back home.
Round trip to Colonia for as little as 28,990 pesos on Buquebus
BBVV 299 Gral. Flores Colonia, Uruguay
$6 fee per $300. Check your bank for their maximum daily withdrawal limit and fees.
Call to verify ATM hours +59829172519
You can also received up to $2999. using Xoom with pickup in Colonia for around $60 fee.
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Why would you do any of that when you can literally make money doing it in BA?
Today you can make money, earlier this week you could not, tomorrow who knows. If you happen to be going to Colonia anyways, it's another option to consider.