How do you pay your taxes here?


Thanks @steveinbsas this is very clear and helpful! Do you have any recommendations on accountants?
You are most welcome.

Unfortuantely, I do not know of any accountants in or near Capital Federal that I can recommend at this time.

Since 2010 I have been living about 650 KM from Capital Federal and I have never paid any income taxes in Argentina, only the bienes personales, The only time I paid that tax was in 2009 (for 2006-2008). The accountant was working with the escribano when I sold my apartment in Recoleta and all he ever did was go to AFIP with me to "enroll" me in the bienes personales system to pay that tax for the previous three years. He then paid the taxes on my behalf and gave me the receipts for the taxes paid as well as a receipt for the $750 pesos I paid for his services.

The only contacts I have had with AFIP since then was to go to their office in Punta Alta to change my address and it was there I learned that I had been unenrolled as a payer of the bienes personales because the value of the property I bought here was below the minimum threshold to pay the tax. My car was not of high value and I have bought all of my furniture and most of my appliances second hand (which also means I did not have to pay 21% IVA, either).

Two years ago I went online to get a constancia of my CUIT (for another puropse) and I was blocked from doing so. I went to the office of AFIP to ask why and they asked for declarations of the bienes personales for the past seven years declarations and they told me I had to have an acountant prepare the declarations. I had not spoken with an Argentine accountant since 2009.

I went to the accountant in Punta Alta that the sellers of my house used for their businesses. She was able to get my online account unblocked by filing just the past two years (2018 and 2019), although I provided her with the required information for the past seven (car and house details and year end bank balances). She charged about $60 for each of the two years that she filed declarations for and my online acccount was unblocked. The icing on the cake is that I haven't had to make any declarations for the bienes personales since than and probably won't have to do so in the future.

PS: I pay my annual property taxes (about $70 USD) in less than a minute using online banking (Santander Rio).