How has this country not imploded?

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As I said in a previous thread I don't mind the number of holidays, I just don't approve of the ad-hoc nature of this one.

And honestly this is a more valid reason for a holiday than say the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I'm willing to bet a lot more people are celebrating this if we're being honest.

But I digress, as bread and circuses as it is, I would have done a DNU trigger at the beginning of the year, if Argentina wins the world cup, the following Tuesday will be a national holiday, that way people would have had time to prepare as the team progressed.

We can take satisfaction that the Selección told Alberto off, the reason it's going to be a parade and not an event at the Casa Rosada is because they got in an argument over the fact they'd have to do a meet and greet/photo-op with Alberto and the team was against it lol

Also interesting seeing the same Ks who called the provinces that rejected the Cristina holiday treasonous now saying they don't have to abide by this one.

Do as I say, not as I do.
The financial dry rot is so advanced it just needs a good push to bring it all crashing down.
Exactly. These are the people that want to see the micro and these are the same people preventing themselves from seeing the micro. Welcome to Argentina.
It reminds me of when my cats bite their own tails then act shocked that it hurts lol

Today was quintessentially Argentine; it was everything... interesting? about living in Argentina in a single day, and maybe this is a hot take, but it makes me optimistic for the future in a certain way that all things considered, and compared to other countries, things could have gone much, much worse, and the country/city didn't implode.
  • Argentina won a World Cup and millions of people came together in person to celebrate with very little notice
  • The transit system managed to bring millions of people into/around the city at levels that were never seen before in the Buenos Aires' history
  • Over 10% of the country's entire population could be found on 9 de Julio, 25 de Mayo, Riccheri/Dellepiane/General Paz, or Libertador/Paseo del Bajo at the same time, and the bridges didn't collapse, there wasn't a mass crushing, a terrorist attack, or rioting
  • While still a tragedy, only 1 person died today that we know of, and it was a kid that fell from a roof on Sunday night who finally succumbed to his injuries
  • Even though AySA bills have skyrocketed compared to what most Argentines can afford, I lots of my neighbors sharing their water with strangers to fill up bottles or cool people down
  • The only "major" damage appears to be some street lights/signs were stolen, there were some B&Es/robberies/pickpocketing, and random petty vandalism such as stealing tires, breaking windows, and spray paint tagging
  • The littering is probably the worst I've ever seen aside from a garbage strike in Napoli, and I saw people pissing everywhere, but it's going to rain this weekend so that should take care of that, and I assume the city will manage to clean things up eventually litter wise
  • The team was successfully evacuated by helicopter
  • Even though millions of people didn't get to see them, again, people didn't lose their shit and riot, and people are just having a block party outside my apt
  • Only 31 people were injured out of 5+ Million
  • The only violent incident was the ongoing evicting of hinchas from inside the Obelisk
Don't get me wrong, we couldn't even manage to successfully pull off a ticker tape parade as a city/province/country, Alberto once again is left standing alone and embarrassed as his own party didn't support the holiday DNU and the team didn't want to be pictured with him, and now you have a Tapia, D'Elía, Cerruti, Berni, and the Campora all at each other's throats despite them all supposedly being Peronists, but considering how today could have unfolded, and how familiar we all are with the quilombo that can be living here, it went a lot better than I would have guessed.

Again, willing to accept this is a hot take compared to the rest of your guys' feelings on the matter.

La Nación opinion piece with the opposite take of my own
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