How is this area of town?

I live in San Telmo. It's beautiful. You have to be careful...obvisouly. But hey, adjustments will need to be made no matter where you live in BA. If there is any way you could stay in a hostel or hotel, before you book a place, then you can see for yourself, I would suggest it. Any other questions just ask.
Thanks for the responses all. I was initially leaning towards that area because the apartments are very nice and modern and fit my two criteria (balcony and internet!). However, it seems like it isn't the safest neighborhood and will also be rather noisy due to proximity to Av. 9 de Julio. There doesn't seem to be much availability in San Telmo and since the buildings are older, most don't have internet included or a balcony/terrace. I've narrowed my search to some places I've found in Recoleta/Barrio Norte, Chacarita (?), Palermo Viejo and Palermo Hollywood. Wish I could find one in San Telmo but no luck so far.
Just a suggestion as an alternative. Try Belgrano or Villa Urquiza. Both are very nice neighborhoods and have more modern buildings, TONS of shopping and public transportation and less stressful than being right in the center. I have been in Buenos Aires for almost 2 years and wouldn't pick any other neighborhood. Very few tourists here and not to offend anybody but there are NO expats living anywhere around the neighborhood. Chacarita is iffy, I would steer clear of that area. It's improving but not quite there yet. Give it 5 years.
Thanks for informative input everyone. What about Mexico & Piedras? Is that San Telmo or Montserrat?