How to find a job??


Jan 9, 2009
Hi guys,

I need a little help.

I have been searching for a while now and it seems to me that there are VERY few job opportunities for English speaking expats living in Buenos Aires (other than teaching English). Is this really the case or am I simply looking in the wrong places?

For example does anyone know of a website detailing vacancies for English speaking expats? (Other than Craigslist)

At this stage i am prepared to entertain almost any type of work (admin, sales etc..), but i am a qualified project manager.

Thanks in advance.
Call center companies such as teleperformance and teletech are always looking for english speakers to work in sales or costumer service for the USA.
Go to or or just open the newspaper and you will find any advetisment of this compaies for sure.

Or just check their websites.

I heard that this kind of job can be tough and stressful, but some people are good in that.
A pretty good Argentina job search site:

(It is in spanish though - if you open up an online spanish/english dictionary to translate words you can work around that. )

I found alot of .e.g. Graphic Design jobs list their 'Idioma' as 'Ingles' Heres an example. Look right at the bottom of the post: (Oh...I just noticed this particular post is actually in english too!)

So browse around !
Your other option is to look up American companies on the web and check their job listings. Craigslist, if you;re patient and flexible, is actually a good resource. go to which is listed by someone above as teletech, it's a call center and there are many companies in the US that use call centers here. They recognize the need for native English speakers over people who were taught to "speak english" in school by teachers who've never been to the states.

As for pay, you are living in Argentina, and though prices are rising all the time, you can't expect to earn here what you would in the states for the same work, if you can get the same work. No different from home businesses have incentives from the government and also social responsiblities, to their own people before expats who came down here to hang out and take advantage of the culture and lifestyle. Why should you get a job first afterall? If they need a strong english speaker your in. Otherwise you are likely at the back of the line. This is a culture that prizes connection and the jobs often go to someone who knows someone. So network in your field, make yourself known, do the rounds, just like you would at home. Also, tighten up your resume, make it interesting and dramatic. I have gotten the interviews I have because my resume really stands out in terms of life and world experience. Even so, I expect to earn half what I would at home for the same work.

Good luck to you, hope you found useful info. Thanks to all who posted, it will be useful to many.
ms1892 said:
but i am a qualified project manager.

Mike I am in the same boat that you are in. The previous advise here is great. Check out IBM and EDS as they have sites here in Argentina that might not require Spanish fluency.

I am fortunate that my wife was able to put my resume is Spanish (CV) on one of the sites that the others listed and have a job interview from that site. So if you can find someone to put your information in these Spanish job sites it might open up other opportunities for you.

Hi there. I am currently looking for Irish people in parts of Argentina to stay with and I am also looking for employment there. I would be grateful for any help or anyone that is looking for help to pay rent or a house mate. Thanks in advance

Identify a niche or need and fill it. Es decir, create your own job in ARG, instead of working for someone else. Bonus points if you can earn dollars, pounds or euros.