How to get a temporary residency visa


Nov 17, 2023
Hi, everyone. I’m currently living in Quito, Ecuador on a two-year temporary visa. Eight months into the experience, though, I’m longing to be in a bigger, more cosmopolitan city like Buenos Aires. I’ve read that I can enter BA as a tourist and then apply for a temporary residency visa. Is that how you’ve done it? Did anyone do it with a cat in tow? ;) I appreciate whatever tips, pitfalls, and advice you can offer!
You can enter as a tourist for 90 days. To stay legally, you can renew the tourist visa at the 90-day mark for another 90 days. After 180 days, things get a bit more complicated, but as many people are no doubt about to tell on this thread, you can certainly stay here quite a long time either illegally or by leaving the country for a few days and coming back again (though it is never 100% guaranteed that they will let you back in).

If you want something more settled and risk-free, you can apply for temporary residency at any time. But it's not a question of simply turning up in Argentina. You have to fit into one of the migration categories specified in the link below and then apply, which requires entering into a long and at times quite painful relationship with Argentina's migration authority.

You need to apply for a temporary residence permit as non mercosur citizen. 1 year permit. Or, before doing that, you can get from abroad a 6 months digital nomad visa (reneweable) and then, when being inside, you evaluate your options.