I am now in Las Vegas.


Jun 20, 2005
Hi there
I am now back in Las Vegas. I moved to BA in May 2004 and came back in August of 2004. I recently flew down there in February to give up my apartment but of course I am not happy to be back in the USA. My name is Nancy Hunter and my apt was In Palermo by the Bosques de Palermo.I will probably not be able to make the July meeting because I am back in Las Vegas, But I wish I would have known about BA expats, maybe I would not be back here again. I speak spanish fluently and I am thinking about exploring Santiago Chile which is not too far from BA. You have no idea how much I miss BA. I truly love it there. Do you speak the language? How did you end up there? I graduated with a bachelors degree in criminal justice which of course did not help me at all in BA because their educational system is different than the US. Have they opened the night clubs again? Because in December there was a big fire and many teenagers die and the city closed all the clubs. I use to go to Modenas in front of the law school or Facultad de Derecho in Presidente Alcorta avenue, the front of the school looks like the parthenon in Greece. I also went many times to Club del Golf inside the park by the Jorge Newberry airport.I use to hear the planes taking off from my apartment. I hope to hear from you. Where in BA do you live? See yo