I can't wait to move to BA


Are there any Brits on this site? We (husband, kids) are moving from the UK to BA next year, as my husband has been offered a job there..
Can anyone recommend a shipping company?
Also I had kinda resigned myself to not working for a while until I perfected my appauling Spanish.
However if I did want to look for a job,,, where should I look?

Hi there,
I´m from Germany I have been looking for a job for quite a long time, there are english jobs but not many depnds on what you need and want, I have been contacting people throught the expats communities in BA. Is a great city I have to say, now I´m back in Germany but spent beautiful time there why don´t you check the online newspapers in Argentina, www.lanacion.com.ar, www.clarin.com.ar, www.buenosairesherald.com.ar and many others in BA. I also had problems with my spanish despite of it was quite good for communication but I sorted out taking private spanish lessons with a fantastic teacher who lives in the center of the city, very qualified and my lessons were very tailored and the schedules very flexibles, actually, really fantastic, I improved amazingly, if it helps her email adress is baspanish@yahoo.com.ar or you can contact at her cell phone: (54-11)-15-5626-0162.
Enjoy the city and also you can have some help with info for places to go through www.adondevamos.com.ar, (bars, restaurants, concert places, etc)

cheers from Berlin,

Ulrich Altman