I hate the bikes


I still remember Armenian Radio jokes, myself.
And my life is so much better now that there is a dumpster mere steps from my front door.
I’ve just moved here for 9 months. I’m thinking of buying a good used bike to get around the city for trips short and long. This post makes me think that perhaps I shouldn’t. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Also, anyone have a suggestion about where to get a good used bike, should I go that route, so to speak?
If it is possible to use a yellow bike for a while (BAbici) then do that and try it out. On bike lanes and paths people do not announce when passing or an other niceties you may have become accustomed to cycling elsewhere. I always find joy being on the bike. You just have to ride super heads up and be careful. No one in a vehicle gives two craps about you. Don’t forget that the laws of man do not supersede the laws of physics.


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Common guys anyone that has ride or walk in Amsterdam knows what is actually hell, here is overall ok, i have lived in many cities. I do agree with the issue of the trash dumpster in the middle of some bike lanes.