'I hate' the U.S., Maradona tells Chavez

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20349157/'I hate everything that comes from the United States,' ex-soccer star says

CARACAS, Venezuela - Former Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona on Sunday said he hates the United States “with all my strength” during an appearance on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s weekly television show.

The leftist soccer legend, like the fiercely anti-U.S. Chavez, is a close ally of Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

“I believe in Chavez, I am Chavista ... . Everything Fidel does, everything Chavez does for me is the best (that can be done),” Maradona said, sitting with Chavez on the set of the president’s Sunday talk show.

“I hate everything that comes from the United States. I hate it with all my strength,” he added to thunderous applause and cheering from the hundreds of Chavez supporters gathered in an auditorium for the show.

Chavez, a self-described socialist revolutionary, is an unrelenting critic of Washington and frequently describes the United States as a decadent empire.

U.S. State Department officials call Chavez a threat to regional democracy and accuse him of using the OPEC nation’s oil wealth to meddle in the affairs of neighboring nations.

Maradona, 46, received drug rehabilitation treatment in Cuba following a hospital stay in 2000 linked to cocaine use. In 2005 he launched a television talk show that lasted one season.

One of the most brilliant soccer players ever, he led Argentina to its 1986 World Cup victory and is revered in his own country and around the world.
This is interesting and very extreme really. The whole world practically does however hold a grudge against the US these days, people feel as if blood has been spilt needlessly in Iraq and they fear that the same will happen in Iran creating unwanted world drama.Before 9/11, Alqaeda and Bush though people would usually think to pleasant things when hearing the word America such as hamburgers, basketball or good music.
Damn shame
I do not know soccer very much but isn't Maradona the heavy set Boca player that evaded taxes in Italy and his watches were confiscated during the last soccer game there? Isn't he the one who was into drugs and alcohol? Went into rehab and all that drama? I might have my soccer players mixed up but if this is the guy, is his word worth millions in endorsements now internationally? His period of fame has passed - HAS BEEN, is the word I think that applies here. Just wondering if he is reminiscing about good ol' glory days...sad story really for what happened to him considering all that talent. But again I might have my player wrong. "Hate" is such a negative word. Does not bring the world anything good, really.
Can you blame him? after all the US ruined his international career. I can not stand the chap but I do believe that Maradona was set up by the US for false positive drugs testing. Of course they could not possibly allow an ex addict to be such an icon. Just as they had to bump off Jimi Hendrix as he was getting too much of a voice and therefore political platform for a black/muso/junkie.
But let us not forget he is a cheat and a celebrated cheat at that (hand of god incident)
But I honestly dont blame him for all the latest publicity, I blame that greedy ex wife!
"Elpanada" said:
I might be mistaken but apart from the dead people Evita and Guevera isn't Maradona the worldwide best known Argentinian out there?
You forgot Juan Fangio, and Carlos Gardel ( I know he isn't but everyone thinks he is Argentine)


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I am personally not keen on football, and think Maradona was a good football player, not a sportsman. A true sportsman would have immediately come clean with the referee after scoring a goal with his hand. Especially in a world cup, and even more so against a team like England, where there was more to it than just football. I was disappointed to see that the Argentine people supported him on such a lowly attitude and are even proud of him for doing what he did. Some say that he redeemed himself by scoring the best goal in world cup history in that same match. I don't agree.
After the 1994 US world cup incident when he tested positive for drugs, he was denied a visa when his manager tried to send him to the US for treatment. Fidel Castro, on the other hand, took him under his wing. I can understand Maradona´s resentment. But becoming a communist out of spite... I don't know.
"Ernie" said:
I was disappointed to see that the Argentine people supported him on such a lowly attitude and are even proud of him for doing what he did.
I think it is the ultimate example of viveza criolla. No wonder Argentines just love it.