I have 7 days to renew my VISA... best course of action?


May 13, 2008
What is the BEST way to re up my VISA and stay legal? Please help! I'd like this to be smooth and painless...

I agree. Is more expensive and awkward to get visa extension in Argentina. When I went to Migrations to ask how to do it, they told me that is better for me to stay illegally and then to pay at the border only $50 than get a new visa for $150 ..I couldn't believe an official of migrations would say that!!! :eek: but then I went to Brasil and came back and he was right :p...nobody say or ask anything, I just paid the $50 and that's all.
Yep, best thing to do is take a trip to Uruguay or Chile. Immigration will tell you the same. I know a guy from Holland who's been doing it for 8 years, so it doesn't seem to be much of an issue. Even if its overdue by months they won't give you a hard time, just have to pay the $50 pesos. So you can relax, you're ok.
Hi, its best to go to Uruguay if you want to play it safe, have some fun, and come back to Argentina, the overstay of your 3 month visa is actually $100.00 USD.. or you can just stay for as long as you need and pay $100.00 USD the day you leave.
If not, you will have to go to Uruguay every 3 months, thing is if they catch you ilegal, deportation will be more expensive and they will fine you with over $3000.00 USD, yet, Argentinean Immigration authorities are not on the look out..

very important, if you do go to URUGUAY, MAKE SURE THEY STAMP YOUR PASSPORT, MANY TIMES THEY WILL JUST LET YOU GO BY WITHOUT ANY STAMPING... Argentinean immigration is in URUGUAY before you get on the the ship to come over here, if you dont get stamped you wont get stamped in Argentina... and viceversa...
also, there have at this point been no visa fees put into effect -- they are saying maybe March 1st the programme will start -- so where are you getting the 100USD -- it's been 50 pesos for as long as I know, and I just paid it in December and it was still 50 pesos then.
expatalex said:
...thing is if they catch you ilegal, deportation will be more expensive and they will fine you with over $3000.00 USD...

Do you know this for a fact?

Does anyone?
expatalex said:
My son stayed over 90 days, he was charged $100 USD at Ezeiza..

To put it in a "nutshell" your son got screwed.

He obviously did not know how to deal with the authorities anymore than I did than when I arrived (for the first time in Argentina) with my dog in 2006 and paid $100 USD to the airport vet because I did not have the "correct" papers.

Now please tell us about the $3000 USD that will be charged for "getting caught" overstaying the visa.